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Susan Barber ERYT began her yoga journey 26 years ago when she fell in love with classical Ashtanga yoga studying with her first and primary teacher Beryl Bender Birch. She spent 5 years training to become a teacher of yoga, traveling to India to immerse herself in the culture of the ancient tradition and spending time at Swami Satchidananda’s Ashram. Susan taught internationally for many years while living in Singapore, Bahrain and Europe, including several years in Germany working with Wounded Warriors and those healing from trauma. After spending 3 years teaching full time in the NYC area, Susan has returned to her home state of Virginia where she continues to offer group classes, private sessions and workshops. As a Certified Massage Therapist, Susan understands the body and how it works and brings this knowledge into her teaching. Her classes are traditional and alignment based while encouraging students to adapt the practice to their own bodies and unique needs — strong, steady and mindful!


Anne F, Norway  “I had the pleasure of practicing yoga with Susan while we were stationed in Bahrain. As a not very athletic person I was a bit unsure if it would be for me, but I loved every time. Her classes is all about learning to focus on what your body can do, not what you can’t. The classes helped me build strength both physically as well as strengthen my mind. I have searched for classes like hers later, with no luck.”

Patty C , Germany“I’m very picky about teachers. I was very lucky to have found my way to Susan’s yoga class in Wiesbaden.I felt instantly welcome and any worries I had went out the door in the first few minutes. All the adjustments I received were safe, useful, and precise. She was very generous with sharing her knowledge, and in helping each of us improve our yoga practice–both in and out of the classroom.”

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